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Chong Un Kim was a young woman who was found murdered on February 14, 1988. She is thought to have been asphyxiated. A man, now deceased, allegedly confessed to her murder early into the investigation, but he was never charged. Kim, originally from Korea, had resided in Georgia about seven years before her death.

She was identified with assistance from Othram in October 2023.


A man searching for cans initially discovered a young woman's body while his companion waited in his vehicle. They later brought a friend to the scene and alerted police. At least one other person had noticed what turned out to be the smell of decomposition coming from the dumpster but did not investigate.

The body had been placed inside a duffel-style suitcase after being wrapped in bedding material and tape. Her feet had also been bound. It has been suggested that the bedding could have originated from her residence or a place of employment.



Original sketch by Marla Lawson

The autopsy was somewhat complicated by the state of the victim's body, as she was not facially recognizable, and her race was difficult to ascertain. The original conclusion was that she was possibly white and/or Hispanic; this was updated to Asian before an initial sketch by GBI artist Marla Lawson being created for media release. The alignment of the upper teeth on one side of the mouth was consistent with the latter racial estimation. The possibility of her being of Native American/First Nations was eventually suggested, and this could also not be excluded.

The cause of death could not be determined, although asphyxiation is suspected. Some theorize the pillow found with the remains was used to smother her. However, no blood was found on this item, and no signs of trauma were identified.

Investigators would later comment that they felt the original reconstruction did not likely represent an actual likeness of the victim, but it did provide some possible insights to her identity, or potential sightings. Some information submitted acknowledged similarities with the bedding material from the crime scene. One investigator considered the possibility the bedding originating from Korea. The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children would later release a digital likeness in the early-to-mid 2010s.

In 1991, investigators received a phone call, presumably from a man named Johnny Young, a person of interest in the case since 1988, who confessed to the murder. He was possibly seen with a woman matching the then-unidentified victim, which was never verified. He denied making the phone call after he was located in New Jersey. He is now deceased.

Despite the fact the remains were reportedly cremated before samples could be retained for eventual DNA analysis, evidence in the case had received examination as of 2018.


In October 2023, it was announced that the victim had successfully been identified as Kim, who had lived in Hinesville, Georgia. She had emigrated from Korea to the state in 1981. The origin of the DNA leading to her identification has been confirmed to be the blanket found along with her, having been preserved, according to Dr. Kristen Mittelman, the Chief Development Officer for Othram. Appeals have been made for more information about the victim and relevant events leading up to her death, which is actively being investigated.


  • Some of her front teeth were crooked, but she had good dental health.
    • Not long before she died, she had one of her molars removed, although the socket had healed.
    • The alignment of her teeth may be characteristic of Asian and Native American ethnicity.
  • Her hair was fairly long and was dark brown to black in color.
  • She had recently shaved her legs.


  • The remains were unclothed and lacked jewelry.
  • The body was concealed in a tan, wheeled suitcase resembling a duffel bag.
    • Additionally, trash bags were also used.
  • A pale green pillow with a floral design.
  • Maroon bedspread with a similar pattern to the pillow.
  • A towel with a butterfly design.
  • Sheets lacking embroidery.