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"China Black" is the name used by an unidentified woman living at a care facility in Michigan. Her discovery date is listed as May 14, 2018, although she is known to have been in the area since around 2014. The DNA Doe Project began assisting her in finding her identity in February 2021.


"China" checked into the Beyond Boundaries Adult Foster Care center in Romulus, MI, on an unspecified date around 2014 or 2015, most likely in 2014. She does not remember her date of birth.

She has also used the aliases CJ Jones and Joynez Johnson. She believes that she is from Detroit and had previously been married to a man named Peter Smith, and that she has a son named David who lives in California.

She claims to have lost her memory after being struck by a drunk driver, although this story has not been confirmed.


  • She has graying black hair and brown eyes.
  • Both of her legs have been amputated at the knees.
  • She is missing her pinky finger on her left hand.
  • Her ears are pierced.