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Carapicuíba John Doe is a man who was found in the city of Carapicuíba, São Paulo, Brazil in 2008. He is the victim of a serial killer that targeted homosexuals in the late 2000s. 


The victim was discovered in Paturis Park in the city of Carapicuíba. He had been shot in the head and his pants were pulled down. Between February 2007 and August 2008, thirteen men were shot by a 9mm pistol in the back of their heads and had their pants pulled down. As most of the men were homosexuals, it is believed the killer's motive was an intolerance towards the victim’s sexual orientation.

A retired police sergeant, Jairo Franco, was arrested on December 10, 2008 for this victim’s murder. Witnesses said they saw Franco shoot this victim 12 times in the head and that Franco would visit the park to look for gay men. However, Franco was declared not guilty on August 23, 2011 and was subsequently released. The Paturis Park murders remain unsolved and this man is the only victim unidentified.