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Cameron County John Doe is a young man who was struck and killed by lightning on July 15, 1951 in Los Fresnos, Texas.


The victim was taking shelter under a cotton sack three miles north of Los Fresnos during a rainstorm in the afternoon. He was with two women, one of whom was Guadalupe Hernandez of Guadalajara, Mexico. The other woman was not immediately identified.

Suddenly, a bolt of lightning struck and instantly killed him. Hernandez received shock and light burns and recovered at Mercy Hospital, while the unnamed woman escaped unharmed. When interviewed, the women stated they did not know who the man was. Then-Justice of the Peace P.M. Johnson returned the verdict of the death as being accidental.

The victim, was who described as an "alien" in the Brownsville-Herald, was buried at the Old City Cemetery the next day in Brownsville, Texas. As of 2012, no headstone was found for him.