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Bun Chee Nyhuis[1] (May 5, 1950 - December 3, 1983) was a Thai-American woman who was murdered in late 1983 by her husband. Her skull was initially discovered in 1987 by a surveyor working through a wooded area that was part of a Boy Scout camp. He later informed authorities after returning from his home country; a year later, her partial skeletal remains in a shallow grave and was later identified through superimposition after her reconstruction was recognized by friends. Her husband was convicted in 1992 of capitol murder, receiving a life sentence with a chance of parole in 50 years.



  • The case was detailed on the episode “The Talking Skull” during the original run of the series Forensic Files.
  • The New Detectives also featured the case.
  • Secrets of the Morgue included the murder as the subject of its seventeenth episode, titled “Intent to Kill,” in 2019.



  1. Some sources lost the victim’s name as “BunChee” or “Buncheerapon.” Her last name is pronounced similarly to “Nye-house.”