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Broward County Jane Doe was a young woman found murdered in Florida in 1983.


  • She may have had previous fractures to her right wrist and left ankle.
  • She had spina bifida, but it was minor enough that she may not have known about it in life.
  • She may have had a colostomy.
  • She had a small to medium build.
  • She had osteoarthritis in her left hip and leg, possibly from a previous traumatic injury. This may have altered the range of motion in her leg, giving her a distinct gait.
  • She had an overbite and several fillings, among other extensive dental work.
  • She had previously suffered an injury to her left ankle, which may or may not have been associated with her osteoarthritis.
  • She had medium length brown or auburn hair.
  • She wore red or purple nail polish on her toenails.
  • She was nude except for golden chain with a seashell pendant.