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Brinnon John Doe was a male discovered in the Olympic National Forest in 1975. Four decades later, he was identified after a resemblance between his facial reconstruction and a woman's missing brother was reported to police. His identity was confirmed through DNA testing in late 2015, although it has not been released publicly.


The male's skeleton was discovered in the Olympic National Forest, about six to nine months after he died from a gunshot to his head by a .22 caliber rifle, which was near the remains. His death was ruled a suicide, based on the fact that the firearm was propped up with a stick, with a string fastened to the trigger. Clothing that appeared to have been purchased shortly before his death, footwear, a comb, a pocket knife, and many unfired bullets were also recovered from the scene. The only known physical details about the John Doe consisted of a spinal condition (which possibly affected how he walked) and that his foot size was 11 1/2.

The possibility of foul play was mentioned by investigators in 2009, after an examination revealed the likely back problems he suffered. Because of the discomfort it would have caused, the twelve mile distance from a highway leading to the site, and that a vehicle was not close to the John Doe, the manner of his death was reconsidered, although it is unknown if a new ruling occurred.

As he had unique and "fine" dental work, investigators attempted initially to identify the man by requesting dentists in the state, and later the country, to compare the charting to their patients. No suitable matches were discovered. Artist Natalie Murry created the forensic artwork for his case in 2001, which she later revised digitally to correct distortion caused by initially photographing her sketches. A DNA sample was later successfully developed for comparisons to missing people.


After a detective reviewed the file and released his reconstruction in effort to resolve the case, an Alaskan woman alerted police that her missing brother resembled the reconstruction. DNA was later used to confirm that both men were the same person. There is no information as to whether he was officially reported missing, where he disappeared from, or how old he was when he died.