Brevard County John Doe (1989)

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Brevard County John Doe was a man who was found in Indialantic, Florida on October 28, 1989.


The victim was found to have washed ashore on the Atlantic Ocean surf, near 2095 North Highway A1A after a storm. He tested positive for alcohol and within five hundred feet was a makeshift raft. The raft had materials from Communist bloc countries, as well as two kilograms of cocaine.

It is believed the victim did time in a Cuban jail, as a tattoo expert confirmed his tattoo was a Cuban jail tattoo.

A week before the body was found, a Haitian man washed ashore alive in Southern Florida and said he lost two companions out in the ocean. Authorities considered a possible connection between the two incidents, but it is unknown if any connections were confirmed.


  • Brown hair, based on the few hairs near the left occipital hairline.
  • Scar on the left lower quadrant.
  • Uncircumcised.
  • Tattoo of the letters "MDP" and an underlying mosquito with a sunburst anterior to it and underneath it are the words "Madre Mia" at the right deltoid area.
  • Dental work present.


His clothing was made in Communist bloc countries:

  • Long-sleeve green shirt.
  • Blue jeans.
  • White tennis shoes.


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