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Bremen Jane Doe was a young woman who was found deceased in the Weser River, near the Weser Stadium in Bremen, Germany. Her body was wrapped in linen, a plastic bag, bubble wrap, and a polyamide carpet, tied together with a nylon rope and a blue clothesline.

Clothing and accessories

  • Light-colored cotton slip, size 140 (children's size).
  • Green butterfly hair clip.
  • Silver-colored earring with a red stone (produced in 1956 in Kharkiv, Ukraine).
  • Gold-colored earring with a black stone.


  • Has given birth at least once by natural means.
  • Possibly from eastern Europe.
  • Slender build.
  • Dark blonde, curly hair (43 centimeters in length, dyed golden blonde, possibly permed).
  • Thick, curved eyebrows.
  • Shaved body hair.
  • Long, manicured nails with purple and gold polish.
  • Purple polish on toenails.
  • All wisdom teeth erupted.
  • Had dental fillings.
  • No scars or fractures.