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Box Elder County John Doe was a man who was located in rural Box Elder County, Utah on August 13, 1973. Foul play is not suspected in his death.


The victim was located floating in Bear River by three teenagers west of Deweyville, Utah and a mile from Highway 102. After the discovery was reported, the Box Elder County Sheriff's Office searched from Cutler Dam to the Sand bar east of Brigham City, Utah and conducted a house to house examination.

One woman reported that a Native American worker stopped by her house for a glass of water at her East Tremonton residence, near the river. She stated he matched the description of the unidentified man. Aside from this testimony, no further clues were located to determine his identity. It is suspected he might be a migrant worker.

According to Box Elder County Sheriff Warren H. Hyde, the autopsy conducted indicated the victim's lungs collapsed which suggests the victim drowned after going swimming. However, whether the drowning was an accident or a suicide could not be determined.

The victim was buried at the Brigham City Cemetery in Brigham City on August 20, 1973 after investigators failed to identify him. The case was then closed.


  • Although his race/ethnicity could no be determined, he may have been of Native American descent based on witness testimony.
  • Black hair.
  • No scars, marks or tattoos were located during the autopsy.
  • Perfect teeth with no cavities or restoration.


  • Shorts.