Bonner County John Doe (1910)

Bonner County John Doe was a man who overdosed on heroin in a lodge on November 30, 2010 in Sandpoint, Idaho.


On November 29, 1910, the victim arrived at a lodge owned by F.E. Compton and his wife and asked for a room. Mrs. Compton obliged and showed him to a room. The victim in turn paid her, left for an hour, and returned to retire for the night. At some point in the night, he started to groan and after awhile, Mrs. Compton went up and asked if she could do anything for him. He asked for a stimulant and she gave him black coffee which seemed to have calmed him down for the night.

By early morning though, he was groaning in pain again and Mrs. Compton called for a doctor. Dr. C.S. Moody arrived and gave him a hypodermic injection to simulate his heart. Moddy tried to ascertain his patient's identity, but the latter refused to say anything. For the rest of the morning, Mrs. Compton checked on him at intervals, but he refused any help from here. The room became quiet and when she came to check on him, she found he was dead.

Authorities were notified and then-Coroner Knapp of Hope, Idaho who was coincidentally in town, determined the victim died of an apparent heroin overdose and an inquest was unnecessary.

Nothing on the victim's body could help ascertain his identity. In his possession was a small vial of heroin. He was seen trying to buy heroin from local stores, but was believed to have been refused service. As a result, it's believed he had the vial when he came to town.

The victim is now buried in Lakeview Cemetery in Sandpoint.


  • Small vial of heroin.


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