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Bobbie Barkley
Age 19
Race White
Sex Female
Location Pinellas Park, Florida
Disappeared May 29, 1981
Missing for 40 years
Height 5'4"
Weight 135 pounds
Classification Suspected homicide

Barbara Jean Barkley, also known as "Bobbie" was a young woman who disappeared from Florida in 1981. Foul play is suspected in her case.


Bobbie was last seen at her workplace on May 29, 1981, in Pinellas Park, Florida. She was seen at her shift at 10 am by a neighbor. She disappeared between that time and at 1:30 pm when her brother arrived at the store. Her cigarettes and purse were at the scene, and a calculator and a pencil were on the floor. A few days later, her car was found in Clearwater, Florida. Some of her belongings were there and the keys were in the ignition. A man was seen driving her car after her disappearance at a car wash. A man matched the description of him and claimed he knew what happened to her. When police questioned him, he proclaimed his innocence. Foul play is suspected and she is presumed dead.