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Billy Smolinski
Age 31
Race White
Sex Male
Location Waterbury, Connecticut
Disappeared August 24, 2004
Missing for 17 years
Height 6'
Weight 200 pounds
Classification Suspected homicide

William Paul Smolinski, Jr., commonly known by his nickname Billy, was a man who went missing in August of 2004. While law enforcement originally thought that Billy had left on his own, foul play is now suspected in his case.



Billy was last seen outside his house in Waterbury, CT, after asking his neighbor to take care of his dog for a few days while he looked at a car. All of his personal belongings (including his own car) were left behind. 

Several investigations have happened in the local area, mostly based on claims by Chad Hansen. He claimed that another man, Scott Karpiuk, had murdered Billy, and that they hid the body together. However, the investigations turned up no leads, and in 2011 Hansen was charged with making a false statement to police. Despite this, law enforcement still believes that Billy was a murder victim.


  • Brown hair.
  • Blue eyes.
  • Left ear piercing.
  • Tattoo of a blue cross with the name "Pruitt" in the cross on right forearm.