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"Bill Lee Hull" was the alias used by an elderly man found in his residence in Indiana.


Sometime in or around 1987, the decedent began living with a woman named Bessie Fields in Tuscon, Arizona. After about 20 years, the pair moved to Salem, Indiana sometime in 2007. Bessie passed away two years later on April 11, 2009, at the age of 77. Following her death, Bill moved in with Bessie's grandson and his wife. In December 2011, he began living in a converted garage behind the main residence on the property, where he would be found deceased.

Bill had previously indicated that he was born in Larimer County, Colorado, and that he spent time in Arkansas at one point, however searches through records have not yielded any leads.

Further investigation reveals that Bill had once attempted to sign up for new social security benefits. The administration wanted to provide Bill with a new social security number, and upon showing it, the administration discovered that he was using someone else's social security number. Bill was unable to provide any documentary proof of his identity, including his birth certificate or his mother's maiden name.