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Bernalillo County John Doe is a man who was murdered in a saloon in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Jacob Giomi, the night bartender at the Alamo Bar, was near the mechanical piano drawing a beer, when he heard someone call out. He saw several men running out of the bar but did not see most of them clearly. There was no quarrel in the saloon at the time, but he found the victim stabbed to death.

Investigation determined the victim arrived at Albuquerque, New Mexico in the Santa Fe No. 7 with a group of railroad laborers from Alma, Kansas six hours before he died. They were planning on leaving for El Paso, Texas on the Santa Fe No. 815. The man’s suitcase was found on the train by Officer Pablo Lujan. In it was a large butcher knife with a thin point. Before Lujan found the briefcase, police received a tip he was living in 725 South Broadway during the short time he was here. However, the Avalas couple, who lived at the address denied they had any roommates and said they never saw the man. At the crime scene, police interviewed three men who came from Alma with the victim but left the saloon shortly before he was killed. They also spoke with Felipe Jaramillo, a resident from the Barelas neighborhood in Albuquerque. Jaramillo said he was in the room where the victim died, but his back was turned. When he looked back, the killer already fled.

Dr. W.W. Spargo and Dr. Charles A. Frank held a post-mortem at Strong Brother’s undertaking room and determined he was stabbed in the neck with a long-bladed knife or dirk, similar to the butcher knife found in the victim’s suitcase. The wound was four inches deep and severed the jugular vein and slit the windpipe, causing an almost instantaneous death. They believed killer carefully planned and that he depended on boldness to escape. Police believe revenge was the motive and he planned on killing his victim for days to months.

Police at the time believed the case to be unsolvable and the victim unidentifiable. A hundred people looked at his body and some people thought they saw them, but they couldn’t remember any details or names. He is buried at the Mount Calvary Cemetery in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


  • Black hair.
  • Brown eyes.
  • Light complexion.
  • No marks.
  • Perfect teeth.