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Bernalillo County Jane Doe was a teenager or young woman found murdered in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1996.


On May 2nd, 1996, a jogger had discovered the victim's corpse in vacant field near 98th and Tower Road, in an undeveloped area that is west of I-25 and approximately 1 mile south of I-40. She was found fully clothed, most likely which rules out the possibility for her murder being a sex crime.

Her body had been wrapped in six dark green or black plastic garbage bags. The top of the outer bag is tied with a green electrical wire with copper-colored core. The bottom of the bag is tied about the legs with a white 1/4" diameter rope. There are no available photos of the said bags.


  • She had light brown hair, with a bit of red.
  • Her eye color is unknown.
  • She had multiple fractures in the left portion of her skull, along with her left leg as well.


  •  Light blue Levi 550 jeans (size 30-32) hemmed up several inches above the ankles, with a tear in the lower left pant leg;
  • Sheer Energy support pantyhose;
  • V-neck, ribbed sweater, brand "In Charge", size small;
  • Black lace bra (size 32A).