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Berks County John Doe was a male found after he committed suicide in 1977. His burial location remained a mystery until 2019, prompting an exhumation for DNA information.


The man's frozen body was found by two hikers along the Appalachian Trail. The remains were in a cave, to which walking was the only means of travelling. He used an unspecified substance to facilitate his suicide.

Case files and medical documents for the case were lost or destroyed. His dental information, however, survived.

2019 developments

In 2019, the decedent was linked to men who disappeared from the states of Florida and Illinois. After the burial location was rediscovered, the remains were exhumed and DNA results are pending.


  • Long and curly hair with auburn coloration.
    • He also wore a full beard.
  • T-shaped scar on left portion of chin.


  • A fringed, dark-brown deerskin jacket.
  • Brown, turtleneck wool sweater.
  • Wrangler jeans.
  • Set of long underwear with a military reference.
  • Brown, leather belt.
  • Two sets of socks.
  • Black hiking boots.
  • Leather gloves.


  • 14 karat ring with a blue, oval setting.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Comb.
  • Pen and pencil.
  • Matches.
  • $1.78