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Benton County John Doe was a man who was discovered murdered in 1996. His body was found in a lake in an isolated area. 20 men have been ruled out as the decedent.


  • His bones showed signs of hard labor or possibly weight lifting.
  • He had an abnormal bone growth on the right arm.
  • His front teeth showed signs of heavy wearing.
    • He also had staining on his teeth indicating he smoked heavily, drank a lot of coffee or both.
    • One lower tooth was surgically removed.
    • One back tooth contained a filling.

Clothing and accessories

  • He wore Fruit of the Loom jockey-type boxer shorts, size small.
  • One white sock.
  • His body was encased in a Dupont sleeping bag, originating from MZH, Inc. in Haleyville, Arkansas.
    • The sleeping bag contained two pillows, filled with foam, originating from the Washington Regional Medical Center.


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