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Benjamin Benetti was a man found deceased in Hidalgo County, Texas.


Benetti's decomposed body was discovered in Hidalgo County, Texas on May 8, 1992 by irrigation workers. It was located in a ditch north of FM 2012 near Val Verde Road. An autopsy revealed he'd been stabbed to death about a week prior to the discovery.

Benetti was identified at some point in 2020. His mother had given her DNA sample a year or two earlier to NamUs and it ultimately proved a match to the remains discovered in Hidalgo County.

Benetti was engaged to a 17-year old girl from McAllen, Texas at the time of his disappearance and was last spotted in the Rio Grande Valley region. A mechanic from the region called his mother about a week after his remains were discovered to inform her her son had failed to pick up his car. Benetti's fiancee claims he'd received a phone call and had to go to Mexico. His mother last saw him in March 1992 when she took his engagement photo.


  • Reddish-brown hair.


  • Black T-shirt with Metallica inscription.
  • Black button-up pants.
  • Black belt with silver designs.
  • Black boots with silver tips, chains and buckles.
  • A pair of dark colored pants were found knotted together near the body.