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"Bella" was the possible name of a woman found deceased in the Burrard Inlet near the foot of Lonsdale.


At 10:45 A.M., Bella was spotted by a crane operator at the Burrard Drydock. She was roughly 200 feet from the wharf at Versatile Pacific Shipyards.

Bella was buried in Vancouver's Mountain View Cemetery. On August 20, 2008, her remains were exhumed to obtain DNA samples.

Foul play in Bella's death has been ruled out.


  • Wavy, brown hair that was recently dyed a sandy blonde.
  • A bandaged up cut on her forehead.
  • Grey eyes.
  • Moles were near her eyes.
  • Evidence of oral surgery.
  • Edentulous and had an upper denture. It's possible Bella had a lower denture that wasn't recovered.
  • A dark coloured wart on her chest that measured five by three centimeters.
  • Two abdominal scars, one measuring fifteen centimeters.
  • A superficial abrasion on her knee.
  • A heavy build.
  • Bella had scoliosis, which likely affected her posture.


  • Black and gray, wool jacket from Sears.
  • White, wool turtleneck sweater from Dickie's.
  • Long-sleeved, black blouse that was buttoned at the front.
  • Sleeveless, green, wool sweater vest with wooden buttons.
  • White bra.
  • Beige, lace underwear.
  • Synthetic, maroon pants from Sears in a size 16.
  • Brown, knee-high nylon socks.
  • Black, rubber boots with zippers on the sides and the name "Bella" handwritten inside with blue ink.
    • Synthetic, white dress gloves were found in an unspecified pocket.


  • Gold, floral patterned, clip-on earrings.
  • 76 cents in coins.
  • A bronze and metal good luck horseshoe was in an unspecified pocket.
  • A blue lighter.
  • Two Viscount cigarettes in a package.