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"Bedgebury Forest Woman" is the nickname given to a woman found murdered in 1979. A man was charged with her murder, but he was later cleared in connection to her death.

In late 2019, the victim was announced to have been identified by the Doe Network, but this appears to have been done in error.


Detectives believe she had no fixed address and was a regular hitchhiker, possibly coming from the north of England. It was also thought she might have been a prostitute operating from the Spitalfields area of central London.


  • Straight, shoulder-length, dark brown hair.
  • Brown eyes.
  • Stretch marks on her stomach, indicating that she had likely given birth.
  • Prominent teeth.
  • She had previously had an ectopic pregnancy.

Clothing and accessories

  • Black shoes.
  • Black and white floral dress.
  • Black polo neck sweater.
  • Yellow blouse.


  • Described as having a 'thin' build
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