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Beckham County John Doe was a young or middle-aged man whose remains was found in Carter, Oklahoma, in 1982.


The clothed, partial remains of the decedent were found in a ditch northeast of Carter, Oklahoma. He'd been shot to death.


  • He had light-brown hair with a beard.
  • Examination revealed a possible speech impediment or lisp.

Clothing and accessories

  • Kennington of California short sleeve white shirt with brown pocket trim.
  • Levi blue jeans, zipper front, size W28/L32.
    • Back pockets were intact and empty.

'Plumage Blue and white pullover shirt.

  • Dark brown cowboy hat with a dark blue print bandana around it
  • Trax brown canvas, low top, lace-up shoes, size 8D.
  • Eight matching stockings, 4 on left and 4 on the right.
    • Gray with a red top.
    • White with a gray-red top
    • White with a green-black top
    • White with a blue top.
  • Silver colored chain.
  • A gold chain with a gold heart around it.
  • A necklace.
  • Silver colored chain necklace with a turquoise drop.
  • Rubber black "O" ring on the left middle finger.
  • Silver colored ring with an ovoid two-tone turquoise stone on the left little finger.