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Beachy Head Jane Doe was a female who jumped to her death in East Sussex, England in 2014.


  • Brown, wavy, long hair.
  • Brown eyes.

Clothing and accessories

  • Black belt with silver buckle (Size L)
  • Pink hairband.
  • Black 'Umbro' brand socks.
  • Black socks with pink heels and toes.
  • Dark jacket.
  • Grey 'South' brand sweater. (Size 10)
  • Black and red and white striped 'Reebok' brand polo shirt (Size XXL)
  • Blue Chino-style 'Jeans & Co' jeans (Size 22).
  • Blue 'George' brand floral underwear.
  • Black or tan bag.


  • Described as having a 'large' build
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