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This article includes content which may be disturbing to some readers. Discretion is advised.

Battersea Jane Doe was a woman whose dismembered remains were found in September of 1873.

Another woman was discovered in June of the following year, having also been dismembered. The two murders are collectively referred to as the Battersea Mystery.


On September 5th, 1873, part of a woman's torso was discovered in the River Thames in Battersea. Additional body parts belonging to the same woman were discovered in the area over the course of the month. It was determined that she was around forty years old and had short, dark hair and a burn scar on her left breast. She died from a blow to the head. It was noted that her remains had been neatly disarticulated, which would take a degree of anatomical knowledge, and that her face had been mutilated.

In June of 1874, another woman's body was found in the Thames in nearby Putney, her remains consisting of a torso and one leg. Her body had been treated with lime before being disposed of. No additional remains were found and no physical description is available for this woman.

The cases are possibly connected to the Thames Torso Murders.