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Bartow County John Doe was a male discovered in Lake Altoona, near Cartersville, Georgia. He was weighted down but surfaced by the time authorities passed through the area.


The John Doe was disposed of in the lake after being shot on the right side of his head. To prevent him from surfacing, a backpack containing rocks and sand was placed on his body, as well as a pair of ankle weights and an anchor fastened to a back brace. Additionally, white and red ropes were used to bind the body.

Most likely from decomposition, his remains later surfaced near a bridge, where the water was measured to be six feet deep. It is unclear whether his body floated to this location, or if it was dumped where it was found.

Authorities released a facial reconstruction of the man publicly, and they reportedly received a large number of tips. They elaborated he does not appear consistent with missing persons from the area, or from the Atlanta region.

Dental and DNA information has since been collected.


  • He had gray hair.
  • There was no evidence he had tattoos or distinguishing medical procedures.

Clothing and accessories

  • He wore a blue tee shirt with short sleeves.
  • Tan pants.
  • A brown belt.
  • A yellow string with a compass, which is believed to have been worn as a necklace.