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Baltimore Jane Doe was a teenage girl found deceased in Maryland in 1996.


The decedent's skeleton was found in a wooded area in Baltimore along with a substantial amount of clothing believed to be hers. Examination of her remains revealed several unique and distinguishing skeletal characteristics.

While it is possible that she could have died as recently as the year of her discovery, she was probably dead for a very long time. Forensic experts determined that the body had been in the woods for over five years.

There is no concrete evidence of foul play, and no obvious perimortem trauma was observed on the remains, but her case is being investigated as a homicide.


  • A 1-inch fracture on the left side of her forehead.
  • Her skull anomaly consisted of a 3-centimetre area of irregular bone formation on the outer table of her skull.
  • A sacralization of her 5th lumbar vertebrae.
  • She had a premature obliteration of the sagittal sinus.
  • Focal anomaly of the left parietal bone.
  • Blemish on the right side of her skull.

Clothing and accessories

  • Imitation leather bomber type jacket.
  • White button shirt/blouse (size 9/10).
  • Denim jeans with snap fastener "Filli-Totti" or "Flippo-Totti" on snap and short zippers on the lateral aspect of lower pant legs (size 7/8).
  • Two ankle-high white and tan boots with velcro fasteners and shoestring eyelets, but no shoestrings; sole of one boot reads MIA and size "6B" on the bottom.
  • Two gold hoop earrings with a small gold ball, mounted on the bottom of each hoop.