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Baker John Doe was a male discovered in Baker, Nevada in 1984.


He was found in his vehicle at the Willow Patch Rest Stop in rural White Pine County, Nevada. There was a hose connected to the exhaust which went into the partially opened passenger window.

A suicide note was discovered which had been signed "J" and had a P.S. requesting $201.40 to be donated to the Mormon Church. The suicide note had been written like a prayer - "Please forgive then all, dear Lord, for any hurt they cause this humble servant whom they never knew -- who got aweful [sic] tired on the journey, and could go no further."

It was apparent that he had been living out of his vehicle. The backseat (both the back support and seat) were missing. The glove box contained an electric component box that was suspected to be homemade with switches and three colored lights which had five leads going from the device to the solenoid on the starter as a power source. It was suggested that this was a timing device that was designed to turn off the vehicle after a set time.

His car was a blue/green two-door 1968 Chevrolet Bel Air with a hardtop roof. It had no license plate and the VIN number 155118T240844. Police in 1984 were unable to find any additional information by using the VIN number (partly because the man's car was made before the 1981 standardization of VIN numbers). However, it is known that the car was manufactured in Tarrytown, New York.

Clothing & Accessories

  • He was wearing a thin blue jacket with a hood, a yellow button-up sweater, a white long sleeved shirt and green trousers.
  • There was additional clothing found inside the vehicle which included a black medium windbreaker, a blue medium shirt, a beige medium windbreaker, a blue and red checkered shirt, and black golf shoes with the spikes removed.
  • He had a brown wallet with $201.40.
  • He also had prescription glasses and "military non-prescription glasses".