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"Baby Skylar" was the nickname given to an infant found deceased in a trash can in Phoenix's Sky Harbor Airport. Although no reconstructions of her have been released, Parabon Nanolabs created a composite of what her mother might have looked like.


Composite of Skylar's mother by the Parabon Nanolabs

A cleaning crew at the Sky Harbor Airport of Phoenix, AZ found the body of a full-term female infant in a restroom trash can on the second floor of Terminal 4, the airport's busiest terminal. Although she had only been dead for a matter of hours, the infant's hair and eye color, height, weight and cause of death have never been made public.

While "Skylar" herself has never been reconstructed, Parabon Nanolabs released an approximation of what her mother may have looked like based on DNA phenotyping. Her mother is likely of northern European ancestry, with fair skin, blonde hair, green or hazel eyes, and few to some freckles.

"Skylar" is now buried at Paradise Memorial Gardens in Scottsdale, Arizona.