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"Baby John" was an infant boy found stabbed to death on a beach in Ireland in 1984.


Baby John was discovered on White Strand Beach in Cahersiveen, County Kerry, Ireland on April 14, 1984. He was approximately five days old and had been stabbed 28 times.

Joanne Hayes, a woman who was known to be pregnant but could not account for her child, was arrested for Baby John's murder and later confessed. However, she recanted her confession and claimed that she had given birth on her family's farm and the baby died shortly after birth before being buried on the property. The second baby was discovered on the farm.

Furthermore, Baby John had type A blood, whereas Hayes and the father of her child both had type O. Due to the similar circumstances, it was still argued that Baby John was Hayes's son and that he was the twin half-brother of the baby discovered on the farm.

Joanne Hayes was charged with his murder but was officially exonerated in 2018 after DNA testing proved that she was not the mother of Baby John. After this, a new investigation was launched into the murder, which is still underway.