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"Baby Girl" (nicknamed by investigators), was found in 1985 in Campbell County, Tennessee. Her death cause is not known and only thirty-two of her bones were found. 33 girls have been ruled out as the decedent.


The remains were located in a garbage dumping area near an abandoned shaft mine. Only a partial amount of remains were found, as they had been scattered by animals down the slope of a hill. Investigators believe that the individual or individuals responsible for disposing her body were likely familiar to the area, as the road she was left near would be difficult to come across by chance.

Recent testing indicates the girl was born and raised in Florida or central Texas for the first few years of her life, but she later moved elsewhere in the country. Such places have been estimated to be the Midwest, Rocky Mountains, Southwest or Pacific Coast states. She was not likely in Tennessee for long.

It has been theorized she was a victim of the Redhead murders, although her cause of death couldn't be determined. It is, however, suspected she met with foul play.


  • Some silver dental fillings were observed in her teeth.

Clothing and accessories

  • Items found near the remains included:
    • A pair of size 5 hiking boots with each having two pairs of holes and two pairs metal hasps and red-cloth lining inside shoes. The left shoe had a shoe-string and the right shoe did not.
    • A necklace made from plastic buttons.




  1. A renowned forensic scientist stated he believed the girl had died two or more years before she was discovered.