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"Ayda Tomas Ramirez" was a teenager found deceased in 2007 in Arizona. She carried documents bearing her name, yet this has never been confirmed.


The female's decomposing remains were discovered approximately 2.6 miles south of Little Tucson in Al Chukson by a bulldozer crew on July 12, 2007.

Law enforcement discovered a possible alias of Ayda Tomas Ramirez from a counterfeit Mexican birth certificate located in the decedent's pant pocket.

Clothing and accessories

  • A peach and tan coloured blouse, with 3/4 length sleeve, and camouflage-patterned script of "U Go Girl".
  • A pair of blue jeans.
  • A pair of gray lace-up sneakers, with the text "aero" on the heel and tongue.
  • A pair of small, shiny earrings.