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Atoka John Doe was a middle-aged man found along a highway near Atoka, Oklahoma.


The body of the decedent, showing advanced decomposition and skeletonization, was discovered near a highway 8 miles south of Atoka, Oklahoma on August 17, 1972.


  • He had severe anthracnosis, aka coal miner's lung.
  • He probably had emphysema and bronchiectasis.
  • He had severe aortic atherosclerosis.
  • He only had four teeth remaining with no evidence of fillings.

Clothing and accessories

  • Blue trousers, permanent press and zippered with a roll-type waistband.
    • Inside the right belt band is a synthetic tag affixed by a staple which is red/orange in color and bears the number "2/283."
  • White Golden T jockey style undershorts (size 30 S 32)
  • 'Penny Towncraft' plaid green and yellow button-up shirt (size medium 15-15.5)
  • 'Royal Oaks Foamair' Cushion black lace type rubber sole shoes (made in Japan)
  • Green stretch socks.
  • A quarter and a nickel in the left hip pocket.