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Apache Junction John Doe was a man found under an overpass on US Route 60 in Apache Junction, Arizona.

Recent hits in AFIS have produced the following names: Paul Brannan, Paul Hinman, Jerry Rye, and Maurice Morton. Investigators are currently investigating these names for a potential match, however no definitive ID has been made thus far.


  • Brown-gray hair.

Clothing and accessories

  • Red T-shirt with "Gatorade" logo on back.
  • Navy blue shorts (near body).
  • Long-sleeved green shirt (near body).
  • Light colored slacks (near body).
  • Black comb (near body).
  • Disposable cigarette lighter (near body).
  • Coins (near body).
  • Black framed sunglasses with attached retainer (three white metal stars on retainer).
  • White socks.
  • Black and brown hiking boots.
  • String necklace with multiple blue beads.