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Antwerp John Doe was a middle-aged man whose remains were found in the cellar of a former bar in Antwerp, Belgium. He is suspected to have been killed on the first floor of the building after authorities found remnants of discharge from a firearm and blood in the area.


On December 5th, 2010, the body of a male was found in the cellar of an empty building in Antwerp, Belgium, under unknown accidental circumstances. His body had been wrapped in what appeared to be either a tarp or sail and tied in place with electrical wires, these items being described as being parts of the property. He was described as being in an advanced state of decomposition, leading to the conclusion that he may have been in the cellar for several months to a year. In addition, it was noted that the ground floor of the building where he was found was previously a bar, though in recent years the building was left abandoned and inhabited by both transients and drug users.

Further investigations of the building discovered evidence of firearm discharge in the walls of the first floor of the building alongside remnants of blood on the floor, leading to the conclusion that the decedent had been killed there. Authorities then proceeded to focus on identifying the decedent and releasing a composite of him. Currently, no further leads or information have been disclosed to the public.


  • Athletic build.
  • May have originated from Southeast Europe (Greece, Bulgaria, Albania, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Serbia, Cyprus, Kosovo, Montenegro, and North Macedonia.)


  • "Yves Saint Laurent" brand black cardigan.
  • "Van Laack" brand light-colored shirt.
  • "Paolo Nagrato Luhomo" brand black trousers.