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Anthony John Armbrust III was a male who was found in Grant, Colorado on February 11, 1974. He vanished with his wife and it is believed they both died in a suicide pact. He was identified in 2020.


Anthony was an aeronautical engineer and the leader of a metaphysical church in San Diego, California. He was suffering from emphysema, a potentially terminal illness, and following his diagnosis, traveled to Golden, Colorado, with his wife Renee, and rented an apartment. Anthony contacted members of his church, asking them to collect his German Shepherd and a few personal belongings. The apartment was found to have been vacant, apart from the few items and dog. It is believed the couple went to the Colorado mountains to be "taken by god", and neither were reported missing because it was known that both had presumably committed suicide. Renee has never been found.


On February 11, 1974, the decedent's decomposing remains were found near the bottom of a steep slope a short distance away from US Route 285 in Grant, Colorado. He had died as a result of blunt force trauma. No vehicle was found nearby that may have belonged to the decedent. Police estimate the man had been at the foot of the hill since late 1973. Genealogy research by the DNA Doe Project found that his highest match was adopted at some point.

Clothing and accessories

  • Long-sleeve shirt.
  • Blue jeans.
  • Long Johns.
  • Boots.