Annie Tahan

Annie Tahan
Name Jean Marie Tahan
Sex Female
Found November 6, 1989
Location Charleston, South Carolina
Missing from Berkeley County, South Carolina
Identified c. 1995
Span 6 years
Age 24-25
Cause of death Beating, stabbing


Jean Marie "Annie" McLeod Tahan (1965 - November 1989) was a young woman found murdered in Maine in 1989. Her boyfriend was later convicted of her murder and later paroled in 2013.


Tahan disappeared after calling a friend, claiming she needed money and feared for her safety. She was later discovered in Jasper County, in a burning suitcase.

The victim had suffered extensive damage to the skull and had been stabbed. In order to create a facial reconstruction, the skull had to be reconstructed.


After six years, Tahan was identified as the victim. Her boyfriend's estranged wife, who witnessed the murder, aided police by providing details about her death. Blood spatter found inside a television and on the floor later proved his responsibility.

Despite receiving a thirty-year sentence in 1996, her killer was released from prison in 2013 for "good behavior."


  • Tahan's case was detailed on the episode "The Missing and the Dead on the first season of Cold Case Files.
  • The Investigators also detailed the case.
  • The case was also detailed by 48 Hours: NCIS in 2017.


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