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This article includes content which may be disturbing to some readers. Discretion is advised.

"Anna" was a young woman murdered in Long Beach, California in 1974. Her murder was solved but her identity has not been discovered.


The woman was found strangled on the jetty of Alamitos Beach, in Long Beach, California. She had also been raped. No identification was found with the remains, and she had possibly been spotted before her death.

Gary Stamp's arrest

In 2013, a Texas man confessed to helping dump the woman's body. He also told police that a man named Gary Stamp was responsible for the victim's death. Stamp was arrested and ultimately confessed to murdering her. He stated that he had met her at a bar, and that her name was possibly "Anna". Stamp died of cancer in January 2014.


  • She has a T-shape scar on her left hand.
  • She has a one-inch scar on the back of her right thigh.
  • Her hair was black and long.
  • Her eyes were brown
  • She had a mole or freckle on the left side of her upper lip
  • Two on the left side of her nose

Clothing and accessories

  • Pink/peach pants suit (described as being 'scrubs' in some sources)
  • Fake fur coat, 3/4 length
  • Black bikini panties with strawberry print
  • Calf high suede boots
  • 14K white gold diamond engagement ring
  • 2 keys on key ring with broken chain