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Anita Richter is a girl who went missing from Schwerin, Germany on June 11, 1999.


On June 11, 1999, Anita had plans with a friend in Schwerin and walked from her parents' house in Raben Steinfeld to the bus stop about 100 meters away. It is unknown if she took the bus as the bus driver does not remember her.

Anita was not home when her parents arrived home and she has never been heard from again.

Anita had been behaving differently prior to her disappearance. She was more quiet and reserved. Her friends said she sought contact with older friends, wore different clothes, hitchhiked now and then, painted dark pictures and had a boyfriend. Anita's friend told her she wanted to talk about "something big", but it is unknown what this was.


  • Fixed braces.
  • Long, medium blonde hair.
  • Blue eyes.


  • Dark blue jeans.
  • White blouse.
  • Black-green mottled sweater with roman collar.
  • Grey platform shoes.