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Angela Marie Girdner (February 28, 1967 - May 1983) was a girl who was last heard from in May of 1983. Her remains were found on April 22, 1985 and identified in 2009. She's suspected to be a Green River victim.


Angela was a student at Beaverton's St. Mary of the Valley High School and was described as a straight-A student. That is, until 1983 when her parents believed that she got involved with the wrong crowd and turned to drugs and prostitution. She was reported missing in May 1983.

In April 1985, her skeletal remains were found in Tualatin, Oregon, near some victims of Gary Ridgeway, dubbed the Green River killer. Her remains were sent to King County, Washington but examiners there were also unable to identify the remains, so they were sent back. Her remains got misplaced but eventually turned up at the Clackamas County Medical Examiner's Office. She was identified via dental records in 2009.