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Andrew Gosden (born 10 July 1993) is an English teenager who went missing following an unexplained journey to London, England. Police suspect that he went to meet someone he met online and may have met with foul play,


On the morning of 14 September 2007, Gosden woke up late for school, which irritated him and made him frustrated. This was odd because Andrew was not known to act this way. Andrew left his house in Doncaster, England, at 8:05 AM and was supposed to take the bus to school. Instead, Andrew went to Westfield Park and waited until he knew his family would be out of the house. He walked back to his house and changed into a Slipknot t-shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes. He grabbed his wallet, keys, and his PlayStation Portable without the charger.

He left his house at 8:30 AM and walked to an ATM where he withdrew 200 pounds from his bank account, even though he had 100 pounds at his house. He then walked to Doncaster Railway Station and ordered a one-way ticket to London. He didn't purchase a return ticket, which would only be 1 pound more.

Andrew arrived at King's Cross Station in London at 11:20 AM and CCTV shows him exiting the station. Despite the possibility he was seen at a Pizza Hut, this is the last confirmed sighting of him.