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Andrea Borhaven
Andrea Fay 1.jpg
Age 27
Race White
Sex Female
Location Vancouver,
British Columbia
Disappeared March 10, 1997
Missing for 25 years
Height 5'6"
Weight 120 pounds
Classification Suspected homicide

Andrea Borhaven was a young woman who disappeared from Vancouver's Downtown East Side in 1997. She was last seen in March of that year, but was not reported missing until two years later in 1999. She was described as 5 foot 6 inches tall and 120 pounds, with short brown hair and brown eyes.


Andrea was born in Armstrong, British Columbia, to common-law parents whose relationship ended shortly after her birth, and was the youngest of seven half-siblings. Being moved around between both parents from a young age, as well as an early diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, meant that she was often getting in trouble, both at school and at home.

When she turned sixteen, she began living on her own, receiving an independent living allowance from the government. Shortly thereafter, she moved to Vancouver, where she became increasingly involved in drugs and began working in the sex trade.

When police investigated Robert Pickton in 2002, her DNA was discovered on one of Pickton's rubber boots that had been placed in evidence during an earlier investigation in 1997. Her DNA was also found on an earring among a collection of jewelry Pickton had stashed in floor vent under his kitchen.

Her remains have not been located on the farm itself. It is speculated that her body had entirely decomposed, or been disposed of by the various methods used by Pickton, before police had fully searched the property.