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Alvarado John Doe was a man found shot to death along Interstate 35 in Texas during April 1989.


The victim was believed to have been forced to walk to the site where his body was later found by a man who stopped along the roadway. He was shot up to seven times with a .38 pistol.

A witness contacted police to inform them that they recognized the clothing he wore as belonging to an individual observed at a nearby gas station accompanied by a Hispanic man with a heavy build with long hair, wearing a tan shirt and oversized green pants. The men were associated with a white-colored Ford truck with unpainted sides that carried a "large, blue water container" on its side.


  • Brown hair at a moderate length.
  • Mustache.
  • Brown eyes.
  • A previously healed injury to his right shin.
    • A scar was present, and the way he walked was possibly affected.
  • Circumcised.

Clothing and accessories

  • A white shirt depicting a rising sun with the word "Rejoice!" above "Array Of Colors!"
    • The first word was depicted with letters of different colors, and the phrase below had different colors for each word.
    • It was possibly associated with either a religious organization/institution or one relating to the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Blue-gray pants.
  • "Western-style," reddish-brown boots, Wellington brand.
    • Spots from paint or cement were observed.
  • One yellow sock.
  • One white sock.
  • Boxers with white and gray stripes.
  • $1.16




  1. The victim is listed to have been discovered on April 28 on his NamUs page.