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Allegheny County Jane Doe was a deceased infant found abandoned on the lawn of a school.


The infant was found on the lawn of Robinson Township High School in Moon Run, Pennsylvania. She was discovered by the school's caretaker, H. Robert McKean Jr. He arrived to the school early because he was supposed to raise the American flag up the school's flagpole, when he noticed her underneath a small elm tree. Originally, he thought the infant was a package.

A few people claimed to have seen the infant and her mother. A 25-year-old named Joseph Kness said he picked up a female hitchhiker, who had an infant with her. He described the woman as around 23-years-old and said the infant continuously cried throughout the drive. While he transported them from Thornburg Bridge to Moon Run, the woman told him she lived in Baltimore, Maryland and she was on her way to Stuebenville, Ohio.

Three students from Robinson Township High School also saw the same woman. Sam Gail, John Slave, and Joe Sowinski, claimed to have seen her getting dropped off by Mr. Kness in front of the Moon Run post office. After that, they watched her walk up Steubenville Pike, which was in the direction of the school.

The infant was eventually buried in Cavalry Cemetery.


  • The infant's body had no signs of violence.
  • She had blonde hair.
  • Her eyes were described as "brownish gray."

Clothing and Belongings

  • The infant's outfit outfit consisted of:
    • White stockings.
    • A white, flannelette night gown.
    • A white [Mens] undershirt,
    • A white, loosely fitting bonnet,
  • The infant also had an eight ounce nursing bottle with milk in it.