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Alisha Ann Heinrich (May 24, 1981 - December 3 or 4, 1982), formerly known as "Delta Dawn" was a toddler located deceased in the Escatawpa River in Moss Point, Mississippi in 1982. She was last seen with her mother Gwendolyn Clemons, who remains a missing person, and her mother's male friend, now a suspect in her death. Her identification was announced on December 4, 2020, nearly 38 years after her murder.


It is believed that Heinrich was seen alive with a woman who was carrying a child while pacing over a bridge. The woman, presumably Clemons or abductor, was causing a disturbance and refused help from those who offered.

Her body was found after a man had called police to report a woman's body in the river, but the child's body was found instead. The adult has never been located. The caller stated that the victim was wearing a blue plaid shirt, possibly flannel.

Heinrich had been alive when she entered the water, as she inhaled water before dying. An apparent attempt to smother her had taken place beforehand. It is unknown why she had been disposed of in the water.

Another victim, Gary Simpson, was found after an additional search. It was determined that his death was not related to Alisha's case, as he had been shot and had been deceased for a significant amount of time prior to Alisha.

The nickname “Delta Dawn” was given to Alisha after her case was reopened in 2009. A Tanya Tucker song served as the inspiration to distinguish the victim from other “Baby Jane” cases.


  • Bloodline Detectives featured the case during their third season in 2023.




  1. This approximation is based on the addition of Gwendolyn Clemons into NamUs, although the removal of Heinrich's file on the same site was not reported by our users until early October.