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"Alan A. Beck" was the unverified name or alias of a man who was killed when he crashed a plane in Glades County, Florida. His body was found on February 17, 1986.


The victim was flying a twin engine aircraft from Colombia to Florida. The plane was smuggling eight hundred and eighty pounds of cocaine. The night he was flying was foggy, and he used flashlights for runaway lights. For unclear reasons, he crashed into a dense cabbage palm hammock on the Brighton Seminole Indian Reservation which is twenty-three miles North of Moore Haven, Florida. The victim was killed in the crash.

Investigation revealed the plane was registered to William Hilty and John Jeffers. It's not known if Hilty or Jeffers provided any information on the pilot, but the investigation determined the pilot's name could have been Alan A. Beck.


  • Possibly had previous lower back trauma or occupational stress to the back.




  1. The Doe Network states his remains were skeletal and NamUs states his remains were recognizable.