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Akron John Doe was man whose body was located on a city lot that contained an abandoned two-story house in a residential neighborhood. A fire had occurred at this address in November of 2012, which is also the estimated year of death for this individual.

Clothes and accessories

  • A buckle.
  • Zipper pulls.
  • A grommet.
  • Three coins.
  • One partial key.
  • One complete key (brand inscription A BUS, serial # H 00471)
  • Croft & Barrow, size XXL coat with a button on the outside (made in Sri Lanka).
  • Territory coat size 2XL (produced in Syria RN # 86960).
  • A pair of Wrangler straight leg jeans.
  • A belt.
  • Cotton-polyester blend pants.
  • Pants with a single white stripe down the lateral edge
  • Men's shoe, unknown brand or model.