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Addison County John Doe is a man who was struck and killed by a train in Salisbury, Vermont on March 4, 1881. It is believed he committed suicide.


The victim was seen by the engineer of the New York express south of Rutland about two miles below Salisbury station in the evening. He stepped from the side of the track directly in front the engine and was struck and thrown by the engine. He was killed instantly and only had a bruise on his forehead where he was struck.

The victim's body was taken on board the train and brought to Rutland, Vermont where they gave it to the Oversee of the Poor Hayward. Based on no one in Leicester, Vermont recognizing him and his clothing, the victim is believed to be a transient.

A funeral for the victim was conducted on March 5, 1881 and he was buried at West Street Cemetery in Rutland.


  • Brown hair.
  • Light full beard.
  • No marks.


  • Black felt hat.
  • Colored shirt.
  • Old and dark sack coat.
  • Brown overalls.
  • Much-worn Congress shoes.