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"Abdulla Mohamed" was the alias used by a man who was found murdered in late 2011. He also used the names "Moncef Ben Kalifa" and "Nabil" or "Abdellah Najeb Mohammed".


The man's remains were located at around 10:30 AM on December 15, 2011, in a wooded area outside of Välatorpsvägen in the town of Helsingborg, Sweden. His exact cause of death is unknown but his manner of death is believed to be a homicide taken place around April 2011.

Investigation revealed that the man gave his name as Abdulla Mohamed when he entered Sweden, presumably to seek asylum after fleeing Iraq, a country in which he claimed to be a citizen of. Further inquires revealed the man used another name, and an apparent variation of the name Abdulla Mohamed. He also claimed to be from the countries Tunisia or Egypt. Authorities have no reason to believe that the information the man gave was credible. It's possible the man lived in Denmark for many years leading up to his arrival in Sweden and his murder.

The individual or individuals responsible for the man's murder have never been identified or apprehended and the case remains unsolved. Police hold hope that they can arrest the perpetrators and identify the man and notify his family.


  • A Dark Helly Hansen brand jacket.
  • A light colored Adidas brand shirt.
  • "Jack and Jones" brand blue jeans.
  • A pair of blue and white Nike brand sneakers (Size 43).